Mr Mega Casino 20 free spins bonus no deposit required

Mr Mega Casino 20 free spins bonus no deposit required

Fancy playing online slots? Here comes Mr Mega Casino, a brand new online & mobile casino with free spins. Join now and paly 20 free spins, no deposit required. The spins are available to play on the Starburst slot machine by Netent.

In addition, Mr Mega Casino gives players a 200% match bonus (2x 100%) up to €400, €10 free chip bonus and 155 exclusive free spins. The free spins can be used on Netent & NeoGames slots. Visit Mr Mega Casino's website and find out more…

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Security in Online Slot Machines at Mr Mega Casino 

Is it important to think of security when considering playing betting games? Of course, it is. It is enjoyable to play on slot machines and such other platforms provided by casinos, but the fact that there is sometimes cheating can be disillusioning. For example, there was one man who made history cheating on slot machines, and although he was later caught in his cheat play, many stakeholders in the gambling industry must have suffered from his actions. This man went by the name of Tommy Glenn Carmichael and he was most notorious for cheating in casinos in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

However, the slot machines Carmichael and his recruits interfered with were very different from the online slot machines that online casino hosts provide today. For example, Mr Mega Casino does not have physical slot machines where unscrupulous players can insert pieces of metal to tamper with the flow of coin money, which is what happened during the times of Carmichael. In addition, physical coins do not feature anywhere when gaming with online slot machines. In short, there is very little room, if any, in the use of online slot machines, for unscrupulous players to interfere with fair play. This knowledge in itself is enough to give avid gamblers confidence in online gambling. One had better spend large amounts of money playing online than have bets lost in ordinary casinos just because these do not have enough safeguards.

Do People Attempt Cheating Online?

It would be assuming too much to allege that nobody tries to cheat at online casinos. Whenever people hear of slot machines, they do not imagine they can be foolproof especially if they are people who have been cheating with the machines used in conventional casinos. Moreover, there are people who try to make a quick buck by writing and selling material that purports to guide cheaters on how to hack into the online slot machines. Unfortunately, this is an attempt at futility, a case of one cheat trying to cheat another.

Security for Online Slot Machines Is High

Whenever a games hosting site is well powered and monitored, it is unlikely that a wannabe cheat is going to get lucky and cheat people who want to play and have fun. Of course, some eager cheats may be tempted to buy the fake guides sold online and try out the tips provided, but they are bound to realize that technology is not static but dynamic, and that online service providers are not sitting on their laurels. Every company hosting a gaming site especially where there are slot machines, and also where real money is at stake, makes all the effort it can to ensure the systems are above reproach where integrity is concerned. Hence, cheating cannot thrive online the way it happens in conventional casinos.

The fact that the gaming population at a site such as is huge and still growing by the day should assure players that online slot machines are well protected from cheats and such other unscrupulous people. Such sites are managed by competent operators, not comparable to the staff at average brick and mortar casinos. Besides, there is only so much that even competent staff can see within the environment of ordinary casinos. In contrast, Aspire Global International Ltd, a company that handles operations of Mr Mega Casino, has competent personnel who are also very experienced in matters of technology, and the online environment allows them to do effective monitoring of activity on the slot machines and the gaming site as a whole. As such, there is no trick in the book a cheat is going to pull and get away with it.

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