Megascratch Casino – 20 free spins & 200% bonus & €410 gratis free casino bonus

Megascratch – the best slots, scratch cards and jackpot games!

There is no better gaming place with scratch cards and slots than! First of all, they offer new players a very decent welcome offer with 20 no deposit free spins on Starburst. When it comes to deposit bonuses, our players can claim 200% match bonus up to €400 (2x 100%) and 155 free spins (130 FS on Fruity Friends & 25 FS on Starburst). Enjoy!

Megascratch, the Homely Gaming Site

Some gamers imagine that Megascratch is a gaming site like any other, until they log onto the site, often after a referral from excited players. What they find is simply unbelievable. For one, registering on the site so as to be able to buy scratch cards online, check out various games and actually engage in play, is as easy as they never imagined. The main items the site requires you to record during registration are your username and password; the e-mail address you want to be using; your currency of choice; and that is it.

Many other sites require massive details, much of which has no relevance to your gaming or ability to transact. On the contrary, Megascratch is a gaming site with a difference. When they demand your username, it is only because you need to have an identity on the gaming site, so that when you are distinguishable from all other players. Definitely, your password helps in maintaining the integrity of your account so that nobody else can transact on the site using your identity. When it comes to your e-mail address, this is to be used for communication between you and the gaming site, and it also helps to solidify your identity.

Megascratch Is User-Friendly

When a web surfer visiting Megascratch for the first time tries to register and realizes it is as easy as has just been explained, chances of completing the registration process are very high. Without a doubt, that great first impression is what encourages someone casually exploring the web to stick around and try out some games. Of course, after acquiring the first set of scratch cards and playing some games, there is no way such a player can imagine playing on a different gaming site.  So from then on, the site gets one more happy customer, even before the person has learned everything that is on offer on the gaming site.

The next thing that such a visitor realizes is that setting up an account is another easy thing. In short, before long, someone who was casually checking out the gaming site will have become a fan, buying scratch cards online and clicking on different games to play, whether the games are familiar to that person or not. There is nothing like convenience when it comes to the business of any kind. In fact, nobody wants to linger on a site for long, whether they are paying or not, if navigating from one web page to another is like making your way through a maze.

A Beautiful Website

Some people think that beauty is overrated, but then, while not putting too much emphasis on decorations, at least a website, and more so a gaming site, needs to be presentable. Many marketers reckon that image is everything, and in the case of a gaming site, it, definitely, counts for a lot. For starters, the reason customers buy scratch cards online is to have fun as they play the games at their disposal. It would, hence, be a contradiction, to imagine that anyone utilizing their scratch cards to play would be comfortable doing it in a dull arena. Much as winning prizes is on the players’ agenda, they also enjoy playing on a gaming site whose look is captivating to the eye. That is precisely what offers.

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