Is BetsAmigo Casino legit? Get bonus money and free spins!

General Information 

The market's boom has brought yet another fresh release to delight players with its own service. At least on paper, players are getting their hands on a real wet dream as BetsAmigo's site allows you to grab your bets while spinning the slot machines.

Behind the fiery gaming site is the familiar L.C.S. Limited, which has excelled, especially this autumn, by launching a number of operators. There is a clear link between these sites, as the variety of choice and the combination of slot machines and betting are really standard features of this publisher's environments.

So expect a very similar experience to the manufacturer's previous sites, including Betstro, NucleonBet and Sons of Slots, with a few changes to these previous releases that will streamline your experience at BetsAmigo. Let's take a closer look at what's in store and get to grips with the different areas.

What is BetsAmigo? 

This time around, the theme takes players on a little trip to Mexico, where you'll find a variety of sombreros and other elements referring to this part of the world. The very name of BetsAmigo suggests the setting and the logo also includes this national symbol headdress.

However, there is very little in the way of thematic gimmickry and, apart from the banner, there are no visual flowers to add depth and charisma to the exterior. In its own words, BetsAmigo is colourful and vibrant, which will lift your spirits. However, we wouldn't use such rich words to describe this visual impact, but the execution is very bland and very unremarkable.

However, we would not judge it as bad or miserable, because the light background and the portal on top of it are very clear in colour, and the green and yellow effects add a certain poise. If you like a simplistic and very monotonous site, this might be the one for you. If, on the other hand, you want something special and stylish, this newcomer will certainly not convince you with its external features.

BetsAmigo Casino Bonuses 

Friends, it's time again to unlock the secrets of one of our welcome offers. For the first time, BetsAmigo is offering players joining and depositing with its service a delicious exclusive benefit, redeemable through us:

  • 1st deposit: 100% advantage up to €200

The financial benefit of this gift is therefore well above the traditional double, with the operator throwing in 100% in chips compared to the deposit made into the account. This means that up to €200 worth of chips will be available and this benefit will be activated with a deposit of at least €25.

The wagering requirements apply to both the deposit and the cash benefit, as both the deposit and the chips received must be wagered a total of 30 times. This operation must be completed within 30 days, otherwise, the player forfeits the benefit received and any winnings made.

100% casino bonus

User Interface / Experience 

Above we already talked about some of the changes that the publisher has brought in this time, which were not found on its previous sites. Namely, players will already be able to make a choice at the sign-up stage on how they will be directed to the games hub service. They can either open an account in the traditional way, or they can opt for the fast track and use their bank credentials to wave their way to the gaming site.

So this is how BetsAmigo has done what was already expected from the owner's previous addresses, and players can authenticate in a modern way. In fact, this functionality has been the only thing missing from the company's site, as the portals it has developed have been easy to use. The same approach will be followed this time, but a little more quickly due to the login method.

The menu on the top bar acts as a good launch pad to the different parts of BetsAmigo, with links that take users to bets, games and promotions in an agile manner. Of course, the same element also includes search and login, so almost every function you need can be accessed through it.

The lobby also provides access to the game selection and opens up categorised directly under the banner, which is a very familiar feature on modern sites. In addition, right at the bottom of BetsAmigo is an information bar, which contains more links and allows you to read, among other things, the terms and conditions and the most important information at a glance. Overall, the usability is exemplary and you won't even notice the loading times, it's really smooth.

BetsAmigo Casino Games 

The beauty and flexibility of the exterior has been admired enough, so it's time to explore what the young operator has hidden in its library. The publications of this backer are renowned for their extremely diverse and large game inventories, and BetsAmigo is no exception with its own list of over 2,300 titles.

Among this huge number of products, you can spot devices and entertainment that fit any mould, which is, of course, a very contemporary approach. Players nowadays want a wide variety of games to switch between when one machine becomes boring and its reels are exhausted.

However, BetsAmigo is no model pupil when it comes to ready-made categories, with only slot, live, table and lucky games to choose from. So no ready-made listings for popular MW machines, for example, but they are also available in a fair handful.

Looking at any category, it's remarkable how well-known and big game manufacturers are heavily involved in BetsAmigo Casino's operations. The games and their production are therefore the responsibility of the industry's hardest hitters and players can tap their way through equipment from Pragmatic Play, NetEnt and Evolution, among others.


Of the categories to choose from, the first is also the largest in terms of number, with almost 1,800 titles to explore. BetsAmigo's listings cover many different themes, allowing you to spin the reels to your heart's content.

There are plenty of classic machines to choose from, including a mill bearing the name of the legendary boy band NSync. So there's plenty to marvel at and a veritable promised land of slot machines.

Jackpot games

There's not a lot of action in this category of games, so the same pattern continues from the owner's previous sites. For example, there are no progressive jackpots available, which would bring a huge amount of depth to the selection, as well as big wins of course.

There are, however, a few games in this category to be found at BetsAmigo, although the coverage remains rather sparse. Machines that pay out a few thousand may ease the longing for jackpots a little, but this time you're left licking your chops.

Megaways games

Relieving the shortcomings of the previous group are these games, now a favourite with many gamers, with an operating model that brings the action to the screen at full speed. Randomly changing paylines on each spin and one extra line provide a nice change from traditional reels.

BetAmigo brings a nice repertoire of these machines to the table, with almost 50 different types of machines. There's a good amount to play for the guys in this crowd, although it falls a little short of the biggest selections on the market.

Live Casino & Table Games

With players coming and going in many directions, operators need to offer a diverse game library to appeal to as many players as possible. To meet this need, a variety of card and roulette games have been created that closely resemble real-world atmospheres.

There is a good choice of both machine-operated machines and live video-operated machines, both categories being easily found in their own categories. There's plenty of quality stuff to keep your eyes peeled, so it's a section well worth checking out.

100% sportsbook bonus

BetsAmigo Casino Support 

It goes without saying that from time to time an individual user will encounter problems, no matter how carefully the portal has been tested and fine-tuned to perfection down to the last detail. In such cases, the help of our customer service heroes is called in, and they deserve praise across the board for their selfless efforts.

This time around, the site offers the opportunity to seek help both independently and with the assistance of staff, with an extensive FAQ section available and of course live chat and email support. The FAQs provide help with many of the most common problems encountered at BetsAmigo, and are sure to provide relief for a number of minor quandaries.

However, if the situation has gotten so bad that you can't get out of the swamp on your own, then you should feel free to contact customer support. This team is multilingual and you can get help without having to fiddle with a dictionary. You can email BetsAmigo 24 hours a day, but the chat is open during limited hours. The customer service team draw breath from early in the morning, but are on hand to help from mid-morning until late into the night, so you have to go with it and in the meantime, you'll get answers at a brisk pace.

BetsAmigo Casino Payments 

BetsAmigo takes online security extremely serious, which is why it has deployed the latest 128-bit SSL encryption so that all your details are always kept safe and secure. Banking options include:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • E-wallets
  • Prepaid cards
  • Instant Banking
  • Pay N Play

As far as the timetable and the duration of transfers are concerned, things should go smoothly. Deposits, regardless of the payment method, will start immediately and will be available in your account very quickly. Withdrawals are subject to a withdrawal request, which is processed by BetsAmigo's financial department, where it is approved once the account verification is completed. With most payment methods, withdrawals are received within 1-3 days, but direct bank transfers via UK, for example, can hit the account much quicker.

BetsAmigo Gaming Licence 

As for the gaming license, there are no doubts about the quality or fair play of this operator. Indeed, BetsAmigo Casino is licensed by the toughest, strictest, and most respected authority in the industry, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/233/2013). It doesn't really get more reliable than that, and there are a couple of really good reasons why.

First of all, this authority has been around for a long time and the licences it issues are used by a number of gaming hubs. With that longevity has, of course, come the high-quality standards that the institution demands of the sites it controls. These standards and compliance with the rules are closely monitored to ensure that players can enjoy a safe environment.

BetsAmigo Trustpilot Reviews 

“The login was easy to do using the bank IDs and there was no need to send any additional documents. The way it works was very tasty and with a good amount to explore in the games library, I was quite happy with my visit.”

“I also like to bet on the occasional game, so a place like this fits the bill like a glove. Plus, when the opportunity to use an online wallet to transfer money came up, I was sold. The site is easy to use, although there could have been more categories.”

“Nice looking site, although I could have done with some more thematic illustrations. Customer service was helpful, but of course 24-hour support would always be better when you're not looking at the clock.”

BetsAmigo Casino, which runs its own operation in the shadow of Sombrero, has had its first visitors and this site has opened up about its own feelings. The number of games and the variety of games on offer were praised in several messages, which is, of course, well-deserved praise. After all, there are more than 2000 titles in the range, which fall into many different categories.

In terms of usability, logging into BetsAmigo and general functionality were the most prominent themes, but people would have liked to see more pre-defined category lists, for example. To some extent, the lack of theming was also reflected in player comments and the low level of effort put into it by the owner raises some question marks.

Is BetsAmigo for me? 

As a versatile player, this site can be recommended to a wide range of players, whatever their group. Although BetsAmigo is partly a themed site, there is little in the way of extraneous content to tease some players, with games and betting taking centre stage.

In addition, the usability of the site is top notch and games can be launched with almost a click of the fingers. BetsAmigo's login options allow you to enjoy yourself in the way that suits you best, which of course is always a positive thing. Alongside this, there is also a strong focus on the mobile side of things, with a portal that's easy to take with you wherever you go.

With the largest selections in the slots and live games categories, there's sure to be some meaningful entertainment for lovers of these brothers. Other categories such as MW games are also well represented, so there's plenty of variety available for that too. And if that's not enough variation then be sure to check out the betting destinations too.

50% reload bonus

Is BetsAmigo a scam?

Whichever way you look at this newcomer, there's no way to get a dishonest individual from BetsAmigo Casino. It's always a good idea to look for the answer to the question in the headline before opening your account and depositing your money, as there are occasional shady sites online.

Even the licence held by the gaming site is strong evidence of a safe and trustworthy address, as the authority is responsible for external supervision. In this case, the authority also offers assistance if any irregularities are discovered while playing and can be contacted directly.

Payments at BetsAmigo are handled by well-known companies, so you can be sure that your money transfers are secure. Strongly encrypted transfers combined with a robustly secured gaming site are, of course, a guarantee of reliability. These features, combined with a well-established backing company and machines from well-known game manufacturers, raise the bar of integrity even higher.


With an interface that closely resembles its more grown-up siblings, BetsAmigo approaches its own service with a little Mexican theme. Apart from the name, the logo and a few visual elements, the atmosphere is not really conveyed and the portal is very clear and simple in this respect.

As regards the range of games, the major manufacturers are represented, with products created by them lining the shelves of the library. In total, there are over 2 300 games to choose from, and with the addition of the betting sites, there is plenty to do.

Players are offered both account-free and traditional login, with dozens of different payment methods available. At BetsAmigo, players are given the freedom to make their choice independently and this contributes to the duration of withdrawals. When you add up every aspect and feature, the end result is an above-average gaming centre. This newcomer is enjoyed by so many customers that it would be easier to mention the individual ones who, for their own reasons, do not get to know this operator.

BetsAmigo FAQ 

Is BetsAmigo a reliable online casino?

This address is a trustworthy operator, backed by a reputable publisher. Games are from well-known studios and payments are handled by secure services.

How do I open an account at BetsAmigo online casino?

There are two ways to open a gaming account, from which the player can choose. You can either log in using your bank account details or fill in the registration form and create an account in the traditional way.

Where can I read about experiences with BetsAmigo online casino?

This page is filled with messages and comments from players, giving you a glimpse into their minds after their visit. Below you can also read the editor's scathing review of this gaming hub.

Does BetsAmigo offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

Players who make their first deposit are offered an exclusive benefit that can be redeemed through us. The bonus is 100% up to €200 extra chips.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at BetsAmigo online casino?

Deposits go to your destination in near real-time, so you can start playing at a smooth pace. Withdrawals and their duration depend heavily on the payment method used and are received within 1-3 days at the latest.

Is BetsAmigo a scam?

Of course not, as the company behind this site does not indulge in dishonesty. External monitoring is also rigorous, as it is carried out by one of the most accurate authorities in the industry.

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