EuroSlots Casino 20 exclusive free spins bonus no deposit!

EuroSlots Casino 20 exclusive free spins bonus no deposit!

What's EuroSlots?  

At first glance, Euroslots Casino website is very trendy and the use of colours certainly attracts the player’s attention.  The menu system is very neat with an easy to follow and chunky tab arrangement. The lighting of special features and games attracts your attention and curiosity and will certainly get the better of you. The casino offers international players 20 Free Spins No Deposit plus 200% up to €300.

The general layout of the home page is commended in that it clearly indicates the various support information such as customer support and contact details. It would appear that much thought has gone into ensuring legality such as age restrictions, alerting players to the fact that legislation might apply differently to gaming in the various geographies. A necessary piece of information to protect clients.

EuroSlots License and Software

The Euroslots website was registered in 2012 and is regulated under Malta gaming legislation so this in itself indicates an important legislative geography. The organization has made a really good effort to ensure that it maintained good ethical standards and to ensure the appropriate education of its client base.

What is great about this site is that no additional or proprietary software to download, and access is almost instantaneous after registration and when logged in. I did experience some slowness for the various games to open but this might be on account of the poor or sub-optimal Internet access speeds in my area. You know the platforms will be top notch as NetEnt and Microgaming Quickfire are responsible for the software. There are many other software providers available as well.

Customized Games 

One of the very amazing features is the dashboard creation or my page. There, you can select premium or standard games that appeal to you. It also offers advice to ensure that one can select the type of gaming variety that suits one’s personal style. One does tend to stick with what is comfortable but this feature allows the player to enrich his experience. This is a real value add feature in that it demonstrates a nifty customer service which I think is quite unique to Euroslots Casino.

In-game tutorials 

Another very useful feature is the help buttons, which appear on all the games. The quality of the software and the level of support offered really enrich the gaming experience. I have to admit that I'm not a keen gamer as I tend to play the odd game very infrequently. However, the ability to scan through the games and tap the help button has helped me to understand the games. One often ends up in a casino and being unsure with how to interact with unfamiliar games. This feature ensure that one can read up in your own time and really get to grips with the game.

Registering at EuroSlots Casino 

Registration on the site is probably one of the simplest tasks. To jon the casino all you have to do is povide your email address, and password – that's all. The one area that I was not too sure of was the date of birth as it does not indicate this very clearly but we generally speculate that this is what is a must.

Self-help FAQs

A really useful feature is the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ which is in a chunky tab and very easily accessible. In the Frequently Asked Questions tab, there are a number of broad category questions, which I personally found very useful. Each category also displays its unique answers and hence, a very practical piece of kit.


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